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PRODUCTS & SERVICES / Customer Research


Quality information is the basis of successful decision-making. IER’s Customer Research team provides customised and innovative solutions, tailored to specific event related requirements.

Whilst research is often a part of the broader strategic planning process, IER has also developed research solutions tailored to the sporting, racing, cultural events and tourism industry - through

Our role is to provide customer intelligence to our clients to assist in future planning and decision making. This may involve provision of information that assists clients in growing their current market or to introduce new customer segments.

IER can help you:-

  • Identify new product and market opportunities
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Understand customer behaviours and motivations
  • Determine growth opportunities through customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Develop new event and hospitality products
  • Understanding buyer behaviour
  • Benchmarking and Forecasting
  • Customer and market profiling
  • We offer a number of research techniques, including:
    Online Surveys
    Telephone Surveys
    Face-to-face Surveys
    Mail Surveys
    Focus Groups (Face-to-face and on-line)
    In-depth interviews
    Quality Standard Assessments for events
  • On-line Panels
  • Stakeholder consultation